Pattern Play + Exploration !

Thanks to everyone who came out the Pattern Play + Exploration class on April 10th!

This class was so many good things: thought-provoking discussions unpacked what it means to be a pattern, as well as a pattern in nature. After getting to know each other and learn about pattern, we took a field trip to the beautiful McKenna Park and made some real life observations. We generated new ideas about patterns in nature, and had time to figure out what parts of these we can bring home to our own ways of creativity. It was a super engaging opportunity to take some time to develop our creative practices.

This was a cool space to be able to geek out on how patterns in nature work as individual patterns as well as how those patterns interact. We eventually talked about our own patterns of habit and brainstormed a list of ways we can shift our own patterns of habit for new inspiration!

Here are some highlights from that list:

1. Keep asking, “Why?” Don't settle for obvious answers. “Why?” is such a powerful question!

2. Shift scale of observation. Sometimes things don't make any sense until I zoom out to see the larger picture. Or, zooming in to see the details can bring new information to light.

3. Break your routine! Listen to different music to feel a different rhythm! One person talked about her love of commuting by bicycle, and taking a different route to work every single time. While commuting is often considered a boring but necessary activity, experiencing daily variations in something as routine as commuting can give us space for more spontaneity and joy.

4. Step into the shoes of others: empathize! Empathizing with others is a powerful method of shifting patterns if consciousness. Through empathizing, we can gain broader perspectives on life and develop new kinds of relationships that maybe were not possible before.

Thanks to Ellie at Klumhouse for hosting this workshop in her teaching studio! Would you like to attend this workshop, or host one like this at your school or organization? Contact me to get in touch!